Venom Gives Back

Owners Kim Blalock and Mark Miceli both veteran firefighters focused there philanthropic efforts I'm giving to firefighting charities. However, we will consider donations to other local charitable groups. All requests must be in writing accompanied by our charitable request donation form to determine if your organization meets our donation policies and state laws. Our requirements are as follows:

Due to alcohol beverage control loss, Venom Vodka will only consider charitable donations to nonprofit 501C (3) and 501C (6) organizations.

All requests must be made by a direct representatives said Organization to be considered as a recipient of a charitable donation. If you are not a direct representative, you will not be eligible.

All requests must include a completed donation form.

Requests must be received three months before the day events.

Note all all questions below must be answered to be considered for a donation. We will contact you within two weeks from your submission.

Are you a tax exempt 501(C)3 or 501(C)56 organization? If you are not, we will not be able to donate alcohol for your event.

Name of Organization:

Please provide us with your tax ID number:

Where is your event being held? (be able to do to prevent outside our distribution areas).

Date and time of event:


Please tell us about your event/charity:

Age of attendees:

Do you plan to obtain a special daily license to serve alcohol in the name of the nonprofit event?

This is required by law. Please visit the website below for license criteria and information:

CA ABC permit: http://www.abc.ca.gov/FORMS/ABC532.pdf

CA ABC license: http://www.abc.ca.gov/FORMS/ABC221-2010.pdf

WA license criteria: http://www.liq.wa.gov/enforcement/special-occasion-license-faq

WA license permit http://www.liq.wa.gov/licensing/special-licenses-and-permits

Will you have volunteers pouring the product at your event? (Note: we do not provide cups for the event)

Will we be be the only vodka at the event?

How many attendees are you expecting?

Will venom vodka be mentioned in marketing materials?

Name of representative:







Event Location Address

Additional Comments

Are you the official representative of the organization?